Architects Pacific Inc. Welcomes On Site Flu Shot to Protect Employees

Flu season is upon us and Architects Pacific Inc. decided to go on the offensive and prevent flu early on.  A number of employees took advantage of the flu shot on site and in the office.  Employees didn’t have to deal with scheduling, traveling or parking.  API offered the option to family members and friends. Making things easy for our employees keep them happy and healthy! Thanks to TIMES Pharmacy for helping API get in front of staying healthy.  

Susan Irvine sets the tone as she’s the first in line to get her flu shot.

Sarah Ploetz has her turn to get her shot.

Tiffany Nahinu says it’s not a big deal folks. Just get it done.

Nelson Vicencio has nothing but smiles as Wade from Times Pharmacy processes his paperwork.


Irvine shares a little humor just before the shot.

Ploetz in a not so glamourous moment.

Nahinu displays courage.

Vicencio shows off his badge of courage to all. Flu Shot is nothing to this guy.